The REDDE family tree reveals a François REDDE already winegrower in Pouilly-sur-Loire in 1630. Since the generations have succeeded one another. . .
Michel REDDE, born in 1930 in Saint-Andelain, chose to stay in the vineyard in order to perpetuate the profession of winegrower, once reserved for monks (hence the name La Moynerie). It is with his courage and tenacity that he and his wife Simone managed, in the early 1950s, to buy, reunite, clear, and plant to expand the family property. Ten years later, they decided to build a tasting cellar on the edge of the famous Route Nationale 7. Open to customers in July 1966, it enabled the REDDE family to promote its wines of Pouilly Fumé and Pouilly-sur-Loire. In 1973, Michel Redde was the first to produce a special cuvée on the Appellation: "Majorum" made only from great vintages. In 1977, Thierry, Simone and Michel's son, joined his parents and they began to build their new winery "La Moynerie". This one will be enlarged in 2001, with the arrival of his children Sébastien and Romain to vinify by gravity on three levels.
As the Appellation Pouilly Fumé hasn’t a denomination of vintages, since 2005, we have been developing parcels vintages from the different terroirs of the Appellation: "Les Cornets", "Les Champs des Billons" and "Les Bois de Saint-Andelain".
From 2009 to 2016, after a titanic and hard work, a new, unique and exceptional parcel of land in the Appellation was added to the range : "Barre à Mine", resulting from a former flint quarry. In 2018, a last parcel of land was created: "Les Toupées.
Today, La Moynerie farms 40 hectares located in the heart of the Appellation. The Domaine turns to a natural culture, little interventionist, respectful of the environment and the soils: controlled organic inputs, green manure crops (cereals and pulses …) low yields, mechanical tillage of the soil, manual harvesting in boxes, … Starting with 2020 vintage, the vinification is made with selected indigenous yeasts from our vineyard. Our quest is the search for a fair, precise and natural expression of our wines.